STEP 1.  The first step is to find out how much can be borrowed as this will tell you the value of the home you can buy. 

Enter the contact information and arrange for financing.

This will get you a preapproved amount letter from the lender.  This letter will also provide the value of the home that may be purchased. 

(We will need this preapproval letter to submit an offer to the seller).

 If you are paying cash, you can skip this step and go to STEP 2.





STEP 2.  You have two choices:

Choice 1: Enter the amount you want to pay per month or

Choice 2. Enter the value of the home you wish to buy.

Enter one or the other, not both.

(Write down the addresses of those homes meeting you needs as you will be asked to enter your top 5 homes in STEP 3.)


STEP 3.  Describe your basic requirements


Enter your contact information


 the 5 homes that you have selected in STEP 2 so arrangement can be made to visit these homes.

    Featured Homes



Ocean Front Properties

In Port Isabel, Texas


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